Origins of SHAO「烧」

The name SHAO comes from the Chinese character「烧」. This character is formed from the characters 「火」and 「尧」. 「火」 represents fire which is used in cooking while 「尧」 represents a meeting place. It is our vision that SHAO can be a meeting place where people can share and enjoy good food.


SHAO also means roast and barbeque. Therefore at SHAO, we have created a unique menu, centring around the theme of roast and barbeque.

Faith, Life and Art

It is at the table over food and drinks where lives, culture and the gospel is shared. We believe that a good dining experience should encompass artistry, service and quality. When all these are present, dining becomes more than just food, but an experience shared with friends and family. This is the vision of SHAO.

这个世上没有天才, 只有经历过无数次的失败后的坚持, 将简单做到极致。