My story with food began in Essex, UK.

During my days at University, I along with some friends banded together to start a small takeaway business, delivering food to the student's dormitory. From there, I went on to buy a food trailer selling food on the streets of London and finally owning my first restaurant in London in 2008.


In 2013, I closed down my operations in London and moved to Singapore. My passion for food never dimmed even after numerous failures and opposition from my family. From all these, I learnt that life can be defined by two things. One, the quality of your product. Two, your personality. Your quality reflects your purpose, and your personality determines the friendships you forge in life. All that remains after, is to persevere.


I created the brand SHAO to represent the intersection between my passion for food and to encourage the fostering friendships over food. Whether you are a customer, employee or stakeholders, you are all indispensable in this journey. SHAO is for all of us. Here, I wish to say thank you to everyone who believed in me and this vision, and helping me make SHAO a reality.


Jack Ding



一辈子只要做好一件事,就算功德圆满, 真正的艺术品是不能复制的, 他有根和灵魂的价值所在。